The SECRET DOG is a secret dog art postcard sale, anonymous until bought for £50 each with all proceeds for the Wild At Heart Foundation, run by the impressive Nikki Tibbles.  Over 75 postcards by over 50 artists have contributed a card, some well known and some lesser known , but all equally accomplished, Artists include, Sally Muir, Glen Baxter, David Ward, Jock McFadyen, Holly Frean, Duncan McAskill, Sandy Nairne, Sam Toft and illustrators Chris Riddell, Emma Chichester Clark, Patrice Aggs and Henry Garrett. Now is YOUR chance to own an original piece of dog art, we want to help and we hope you do too.

In the near future I hope to upload the cards to buy on line ...

Wild At Heart Foundation manage and support international rescue initiatives, help to rescue dogs from overseas whilst running sterilisation programmes to combat the rapidly growing number of dogs born into a life of suffering.

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The SECRET DOG postcard sale
Wild At Heart Foundaton
The SECRET DOG postcard Sale