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The DOG SHOW Raffle

This year we are organisng a raffle in aid of Street Vet, taking place during The DOG SHOW, prizes kindly donated by Dog Show artists, including Sally Muir, Joanna Osborne, Violet Von Riot, Felted Fido, Bridget Baker and Sophie Thurlow for which we're very grateful.

Street Vet is a remarkable charity, helping to fund volunteer vets who work in the streets, parks and hostels caring for dogs of people experiencing homelessness. Often it is their dog who gives them a reason for working through the complexities of their lives, the dog is their trusted companion and guardian

Tickets for the Raffle are £2 each and available at The DOG SHOW and through our Instagram . Draw takes on the final day of the show Sunday May 26th...good luck to you all.

Photos of prizes will be added May 3rd....

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